Paper Peacock To Decorate Home

Material used
Craft paper
Acrylic paint
Quilling paper
Colourful beads

Step by step method.
Step1. Cut the craft paper in a circle shape.
Step2. Draw the peacock and the flowers with pencil.
Step3. Colour the peacock and the flowers with different shades.
Step4. Take 3 different types of quilling paper and stick them at the end of each paper.
Step5. Fold the quilling paper round and give them a shape of tear drop. Paste them at the tail of the peacock so that it gives a shape of a feather.
Step6. Similarly make few more tear drops with the quilling paper and decorate at the corner of the craft paper.
Step7. Take colourful beads and paste them in the peacock feather and other places.






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