How to Make a Halloween Paper Bat

Halloween is one of the scariest festivals celebrated in abroad but its craze is felt all over the world. The main theme of Halloween is to make everything scary starting from pumpkin to go as you like as ghosts. So today we will be learning to make some really scary bats which will serve the sole purpose of Halloween. All we need are some basic stationaries and a lot of creativity and a peaceful mind. So, without wasting any more time let us start our today’s craft tutorial. Let’s get started!

How to Make a Halloween Paper Bat

Materials Required:

  1. Black A-4 sized sheet
  2. White sheet of paper
  3. Thread
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. A glue-stick
  6. A white marker
  7. A black marker


  1. Take a black A-4 sized sheet and fold it into half vertically followed by making a horizontal fold to horizontal fold to yield a rectangular shape.
  2. Unfold all the previously made folds to yield creases and using a pair of scissors cut out along the crease lines developed to yield four individual rectangular pieces of paper.
  3. Take one such rectangular paper and fold it into half vertically followed by making two more such vertical folds and then unfold them to get a zig-zag wave. Repeat the same step with two more rectangular pieces of paper.
  4. Now delicately hold the paper and along the patter make a fold horizontally to get a pair of wings like structure.
  5. Unfold the folds once again and glue the rectangular sheets one after the other to yield a long rectangular sheet.
  6. Fold along the creases and tie the middle portion with a thread as shown, cut out the extra.
  7. Glue the sides of the flap and spread the fold to yield a round zig-zag as shown, repeat the same with the other side.
  8. Take the remaining piece of the black paper fold it into half and draw a wing on it as shown using a white marker.
  9. Using a pair of scissors cut the wing out to yield a pair of black wings.
  10. Define the wings with a white marker, fold the lower part a bit and using a glue-stick paste it to the circular bat body previously created as shown.
  11. Using a white sheet of paper and a glue-stick’s cap cut out two medium sized circle and inside them draw two small circles and beside them draw two uneven circles then using a black marker color the remaining parts of the bigger circle.
  12. Now draw a pair of teeth attached to the pair of eyes s shown,
  13. Using a pair of scissors cut out the pair of eyes and teeth and paste in the circular body with a glue-stick.

Your ferocious paper bat is ready!! And it’s the ultimate craft for your Halloween party. You can experiment and improvise it further if you wish to by using paints or other decorative. You can even work on their eyes and teeth to make it more ferocious and scarier. Create some more of them, you can even experiment by using red and brown colored paper for the same.





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