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  • How to Make a Halloween Paper Bat

    How to Make a Halloween Paper Bat

    Halloween is one of the scariest festivals celebrated in abroad but its craze is felt all over the world. The main theme of Halloween is to make everything scary starting from pumpkin to go as you like as ghosts. So today we will be learning to make some really scary bats which will serve the…

  • Plastic Pumpkin Luminaries

    Plastic Pumpkin Luminaries

    Turn your waste in decorative items this Halloween. Here is nice way to make pumpkin luminaries from soda bottle. Materials: Krylon Fusion for Plastic – Pumpkin (Safety) Krylon Fusion for Plastic – Sunbeam (#2330) Two 2-liter empty plastic soda bottles Con-Tact Paper Scissors Xacto knife Adhesive remover 2 candles Sand Paper towels Newspaper Rubber Gloves…