Falling flower from cup to sauce


  • Waste Cup and saucer which is not used.
  • Pom-pom which is made of wool used from scrap clothes.
  • Glue gun with glue stick.
  • Artificial miniature toys like dolphin is used which is from scrap key chain, shells, artificial leaves used from old artificial flower pot.
  • Stone-2 or 3.
  • Old fork which is sturdy and to shape it use pliers.


  • Take pliers and shape the fork spoon in z shape.
  • By using glue gun stick the fork spoon in one end in cup and the other end in saucer. The cup will be like floating air cup.
  • Stick artificial flowers to the fork in a falling manner till the end.
  • To balance the cup and saucer use stones. Stick the stones to saucer so that the cup is stable. You can also use tiles to balance the same.
  • Stick flowers and pompoms in the design you want.
  • Stick the grass and leaves in the design.
  • Also stick shells and miniature toys to make it lively.
  • Your falling flower from cup to saucer is ready





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