Best out of waste craft for home decoration

Best out of waste craft for home decoration

Contestant name – Jasnoor Singh

Material required :-
A) A card board
B) A chart paper
C) 5 waste bottles of different sizes
D) wool 2 colours
E) Decoration material ( waste necklace of beads, small mirrors, ribbon, etc)
F) Kulfi sticks

Procedure :-

  1. Firstly cut the bottom of 5 different size of bottles
  2. Take one medium size bottle along with 5 bottoms of another bottles
  3. Keep them a side
  4. Now take wool of two colours and fevicol
  5. Paste wool on one medium size bottle in circular motion with the help of fevicol
  6. Now do the same with the bottoms of bottles
  7. Take the card board paste a chart paper on the it with fevicol
  8. Then on the center of the cardboard paste the bottle we wrapped with wool fix it with the help of fevicol or hot glue gun
  9. Now a big size bottom of bottle we wrapped fix with the bottle
  10. Now take another 4 bottoms
  11. Fix them in circular motion on bottle.
  12. Take the kulfi sticks make a square fix them with fevicol. Do until we get the required size
  13. Fix the kulfi stand on the another side of bottle
  14. Now take the waste flowers we have
  15. Then put them in the bottle
  16. U can use kulfi stick stand as a pen stand


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