Collection of Antique Jewellery by Famous Artists

Antique always attracts people, reasons are many for this. After recognizing love of people for antique pieces and old evergreen artists, we collected top antique pieces for you.

Snowdrop Necklace: An Arts & Crafts gold necklace by C. R. ASHBEE

An Arts & Crafts Silver Pendant with Golden Leaves by ARTHUR

An Arts & Crafts Gold Necklace Set by ARTIFICERSGUILD

A Silver Necklace with Gold and Enamel Accents by ARTIFICERSGUILD

A Domed Silver Arts & Crafts Brooch

A Heart Shaped Gold Pendant with Plique-a-Jour Leaves by SARAH MADELEINE MARTINEAU

Silver Enamelled Pendant by NEWLYN

A Silver Pendant Set with a Duck

An Arts & Crafts, Silver Brooch of Abstract Butterfly Shape by C. R. ASHBEE

An Arts & Crafts Silver Necklace of Wirework Leaves by ARTIFICERS’ GUILD

An Arts & Crafts Silver Pendant Set by C. R. ASHBEE

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Image Source/ Tutorial: K4 Craft
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