Top 10 Water Experiments for Kids: For Learning!

Water experiments are a favorite of the boys. Water in general is. But learning with water is even better, right? And it’s always fun to experiment with things, because the kids don’t really even know they’re learning anything. It’s all about observing and taking part to see what happens!

Plus water experiments are fun for summer learning! You can take these outsides and really explore! And that’s what this series is all about, keeping the kids learning all summer long… while school is out!

These are my top 10 ways for kids to experiment with water, and they can learn a little in the process this summer.


Learning with water experiments for kids!

  1. Add mirrors (aluminum foil would work too!) to a tub of water and observe the reflections. From My Nearest and Dearest.
  2. One that we recently did (but I have yet to get a post up about) is an absorption experiment from Not Just Cute! It’s also in the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack!
  3. Learn about buoyancy and what sinks or floats. Just use items from around the house! The kids will love to see what their toys do.
  4. What dissolves? A great thing to do when you’re cleaning out your cupboards. Find out what dissolves in water!
  5. Learn about the cycle of water from solid to gas. For part of this experiment, you could take it outside on a hot day if you have the patience! But the stove makes its a much quicker experiment!

cycle of water from solid to gas

  1. Experiment with colors by mixing colors of ice from Plain Vanilla Mom.
  2. Along the lines of sinking or floating, take it a step further and learn about water displacement, from Kids Activities Blog.
  3. This is a video about layering liquids to make a very colorful glass! It’s a density experiment fromWhizKid8881!
  4. Learn what makes an egg float in a glass of water! From Nerdy Baby.
  5. Have a study on water pollution with this experiment to see if you can undo pollution! From Along the Way.

Source: Handsonaswegrow

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