Wall decor with Handpainted diya… 

Last Diwali when I was in my Mumma’s home my brother bought these plain diyas then I painted them at home. After finishing they came out so well that I want to use them for some decor. Through out the whole night I kept thinking thinking and thinking then suddenly one idea came to my mind that why not I use these diyas for wall art. Little bit unusual but as always I love unusual things. Then me and my brother kept on searching the perfect wall for these diyas. Suddenly I came to kitchen to drink some water and saw the partition wall of living room and kitchen as the kitchen is an open kitchen model and found the perfect place for my diyas. Phir kya tha I take out my craft box for some super glue and with my brother’s help put all diyas vertically on the wall like a saree border and it looks so nice I can’t explain. From that day onward that wall became the centre of attraction of our home….

Now if you like this wall art the right time is coming. Bring some beautiful diyas and decorate your home….

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