Rakhi with Silk Thread

Rakhis made here are not just for contest but to show how simply we can make things out of the things easily available.

Materials needed:

  1. Silk thread
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Any decorative items


1.wrap silk thread to smaller strands using a phone charger or any small box to form circle for the rakhi.

2.cut them neatly and arrange them to form a circle.

3.now wrap more thread into longer starnds using any long card board piece

4. Arrange the longer strands into 3 bundles and braid them to form the thread for rakhi

5. Decorate the rakhi using pears or stones avialable.

6. Rakhi with few steps using silk thread is ready (I made more rakhis in similar procedure in different shapes).

 Hope you like this tutorial.






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