How to Make Paper Flowers

Fantasy On The Theme Of Paper Flowers:

I liked the manufacturing process, that when the envelopes were ready, I wanted to do more flowers.
And as the time was a “wagon” – only 2 am:) …
… then I decided to experiment with the shape of a leaf.
This photo was trying midway other colors. As a result, I stopped in another embodiment. Here added, or rather not even and photos, but I think that it can be used to cut out the pattern. What came out of it – to judge you … she decided not to glue the leaves on the surface, and make them more volume. separately along the edge of the back side (the top row of petals in the photo), and then, turning to the front, giving the base, at the point where the tab will stick together with the other (bottom row of petals in the photo).
Then pitch glued together only at the base, causing the glue dot. Here it can be seen the size of flowers and detailed. How nice – a small supply of flowers I have formed !!! Here it can be seen the assembly process. With a purple flower hesitated: how to choose a bead … the completion – of colored tracing paper, out of the corner circled in silver and gold gel pens.