How to Make a Beautiful Messenger Bag with Patch Loom

Today’s step-by-step teaches you how to assemble a messenger bag with patch loom, but what if I told you it should have been a regatta, would you believe it?

Has it happened to you to get a recipe from the internet or magazine and only for more than half of the project walking you realize that it will not work?

I’ll tell you the whole story, of how a regatta turned into a messenger bag.

When I chose the Barroco Shine Gold thread, even though I knew it was a better thread for decorative pieces, I made a very cool regatta because I found the shine of the beautiful yarn and the well-structured yarn. Good ……It was not hard to try.

I went searching for a patch of loom recipe and found it pretty quickly; I began to produce. She asked for a number of squares on patch loom for my size, and I did. I even started to mend but in the middle of the way, realized that the final size indicated in the recipe did not beat and would not wear on me and any adult women.

Oops …… something was badly explained in that recipe and I had to undo all the amendments


2 strands of Baroque Maxcolor Gloss Gold 200g
1 ball of Baroque Multi color 400g
Patchwork Square Piece Kit, mine is 15cm
Crochet Needle 4mm
Tapestry Needle
Half-meter cotton fabric for lining and sewing thread

As I said, I chose the Maxcolor Gold Glitter to mount the squares on the tear patch. And here I used the square of my tear patch kit. Click here and learn how to assemble the pieces on the loom.

Following the tips I gave in the link above, prepare 18 squares on tear patch. If you want a smaller bag just adjust the number of squares to your liking.

The Circle has this thread in many beautiful colors, do you want to see? The button below leads to the color catalog:

For the parts to be very straight, I made the finishing with crochet low. Can not do? Click here and learn all the basic points. See here how pretty the outline with the crochet looks. To give an extra charm I did a second career of lows but now using the Multicolor Baroque. He took a break in the gold, making a Boho style bridge that I want to achieve in the end. Click and see the color catalog of this yarn. The blend of Multicolor yarns makes all the difference. It was very beautiful. Repeat on all squares.

With the squares ready, let’s move on to the seams. I chose to do a needlepoint stitching. See that I made the team by picking up only the inner rings of the chains.

Remember to join the right squares right to make these seams.

Look how beautiful it looks. Mend the squares into strips of 3. Then patch the strips. At the end, you will have a type of blanket of 3 × 6 squares. Now let’s start shaping the messenger bag. Fold your “blanket” twice, every two strips. Stitch the sides the same way you sewed the seams.

With the sides sewn, measure your bag, cut the fabric and sew a lining to fit it. My lining was 30 high by 44 wide, plus the seam margins. I chose this tissue of hearts, light, which is easy to find things in there.

I sew it with a normal sewing line, inside, leaving the stitches without appearing.

It looks great. If you have a way to sew, you can even make some internal pockets.

You know the messenger bag is a long strap to wear across the shoulders. So we’re going to need a handle I made with 1.20cm. I made strings up to this measure and then I crocheted low points back and forth for 7 times. Until it is about 5 or 6 cm wide.

See how the Multicolor yarn gave an interesting color play on the handle.

Sew the strap outside on the two edges of the strap. I started sewing at the height of the second square, to line up for it. Sew with your own multicolored yarn so that it is well reinforced. Repeat on the other side. Look at my messenger bag ready. The way it is it can already be used. More, of course, people are never satisfied

Since I wanted my Boho-style messenger bag, I opted to make the pendants for little stripes.

Another idea is to make simple fringes, which is also high … … I’m in love with tassel type pendants. Want to learn to do well easily?

Then it was only sewn on the two bottom edges, the careers of pendants. And I admit that I still want to add something more to reinforce the Boho style …… let’s see !!!

courtesy: viladoartesao






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