How to Make Old Denim Flower Pot

To create a small pot miracle with your own hands, you can apply any source material. And turn unremarkable objects into a one hundred percent piece of art. Below is an example that can be useful for all occasions. Very original on the windowsills look pots of fabric decor and buttons.

Take any old buttons you like, but my advice to you is: take a round shape, they will not fall off with time. Glue choose for the composition either quick-drying or liquid. It is very convenient for them to use. So, let’s get started.

Attach a piece of fabric stitching to the upper rim of the cup and take off the dimensions.

On the inside of the fabric, apply glue and gently squeeze the entire circumference. Cut off excess fabric and fix the edge with clothespins. You can proceed to glue buttons. In a chaotic order, glue them around the perimeter of our pot, remove excess glue from under the buttons. Leave the pot on for 12 hours until completely dry. Voilà! After 12 hours our jeans pot is ready. ”

courtesy: podelki-dom


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