How to Make Paper Dog – Easy Origami

The ancient art of paper folding to create wonder also famous as Origami has the heart of young minds even today and even has therapeutic values. A lot of structures can be perfectly designed with the help of this technique. We all know that a dog fits best as a pet can is very friendly even. Little children are amused with cute little puppies and even love playing and spending time with dogs.

So, today we are going to learn how to make some really cute dogs to enhance the favorite corner of our room or even as an element of our craft book. Let’s get our hands into creating some flawless mesmerizing dogs, let’s get started!!

How to Make Paper Dog

Material Required

  1. Colored paper of dimension 20*20 cm
  2. A black marker
  3. A black ball point pen
  4. A whitener


  1. Take a 20*20 cm paper of any color you want, fold it diagonally and then unfold to obtain diagonal creases.
  2. Fold all the four corners to the center to form a kite shape, then open one flap to form a crease line then fold the whole figure from the middle to form a trapezium.
  3. Fold the trapezium vertically from the middle.
  4. Fold the rectangle on the right of the crease as shown to form a trapezium shape and unfold the same to form a crease.
  5. Push the flap with your fingers and them spread and press it respectively to form a kite shape.
  6. Fold back and press the lower side of the kite in a triangular form.
  7. Again, fold back and press the upper vertex of the previous triangle in downward movement, to give it a mouth like shape.
  8. Fold the two-side vertex of the kite shaped face in triangular form to give ear like structure to the same.
  9. Come back to the body of the dog and fold back the lowermost vertex in a triangular pattern once forward and once backward to shape the body of the dog.
  10. With the help of a stencil and a black marker draw two round eyes of the dog.
  11. Using the black marker draw the nose of the dog followed by drawing the facial details with a black ball pen.
  12. For the final touch use a whitener to draw the eye balls and make your origami dog more attractive.

Your origami dog is ready!! This craft turns out to be one of the cutest one. Also following the easy steps even children will be able to perform this craft at home with minimum requirement. Make a couple of these dogs you can even use various color paper to make them funky and experiment more with your crafty skills.





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