How to Make Paper Candles for Christmas

Art and craft is a very engaging subject also it gives immense pleasure making them. The use of multicolored and textured papers along with simple paper folding techniques make it easy and at the same time interesting. Today we are going to learn to make a very colorful and funky candles, all you need is a bunch of vibrantly colored papers along with some basic stationaries and a bit of patience. Children always show a lot of interest in the field of art and craft and so this tutorial is constructed in a simplified manner so that even kids can follow them.  So, without any more delay let us get started with our today’s project.

Materials Required:

  1. Two different colored strips of paper each of dimension 3*30 cm
  2. Orange colored paper of dimension 4*5,5 cm
  3. Yellow colored paper of dimension 3*4 cm
  4. A glue-stick
  5. A pair of scissors
  6. A black marker


  1. Take two 3*30 cm color paper strips, apply glue on the tip of one and stick the other strip and fold it one after another in a crisscross pattern to form the desired design and then again secure the ends with glue.
  2. Take an orange-colored paper of dimension 4*5,5 cm fold it into half and with the help of a pair of scissors cut it out in the shape of a flame.
  3. Take a yellow-colored paper of dimension 3*4 cm fold it into half and with the help of a pair of scissors cut it out in the shape of a smaller flame as shown.
  4. Now with the help of a glue-stick paste the yellow flame into the orange one.
  5. Now take a black marker and draw a wick to enhance and give the flame a more realistic look.
  6. Fold the blow part of the orange flame and using a glue-stick paste it to the zig-zag patter created before.

Your beautiful paper candle is ready!! The thing which makes it more attractive is it’s popping effect. You can further experiment with various different colored strips and even you can use paint or other decorative elements to enhance your work. These candles are just perfect for Diwali to decorate your home, you can even use the same for decorating your home in various other events such as birthdays and Christmas. Moreover, they are extreme easy to make with very less requirement so go get your hands on these beautiful craft.






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