How to Make Paper Boat with Wings

Flying Paper Boat

Origami is an ancient art of paper folding which can literally create wonders. This technique was developed with dedication to fold paper in a perfect way and also the papers used in origami are distinctly available as they come of a particular size and also makes sure that folding the same produces proper creases.

Two of the simplest paper crafts includes boat and plane which almost every primary school student knows how to make and they get immense pleasure playing with them, but today we are going to try something unique i.e., we are going to infuse boat and plane and thus create a flying boat. Yes, you heard it right! So, let’s get started!

How to Make Paper Boat with Wings

Materials Required:

  1. Origami Papers / Normal square shaped paper.


  1. Take a 6inch*6inch origami paper or any other paper of the required dimension and fold the paper from the middle in horizontal direction and then unfold to yield a horizontal crease perform the same to yield a vertical crease and thus finally yield four equal square shapes.
  2. Fold all four corners to the middle of the paper thus forming a kite shape and turn the whole paper backward.
  3. Then again fold all the four corners inner wards to form another smaller kite shape and turn it backwards.
  4. Now fold it diagonally unfold the same and again fold along the other diagonal to get the diagonal creases.
  5. With the help of your fingers push one flap and press it from the middle to yield a parallelogram shape.
  6. Now similarly in a very neat way push the other flap in the exact same way to yield a triangular shape with a kite shape at the top vertex.
  7. Bend down one half of the kite and press it, perform the same in the opposite direction.
  8. Now with this folded part create a pocket and push the whole figure into it as shown.
  9. Pull back the two halves of the kite you did yield in the last step to bring out the boat with the wings.
  10. Press the figure firmly with your fingers to secure the shape and open and flatten the wings too.

Your mesmerizing paper boat is ready to fly! This is a craft with the most minimum requirement all you need is a square sheet of paper and following the easy steps even the kids can even perform this craft. Create many such other boats of various color to decorate your study table or even the favorite corner of your room.





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