How to make a Stand up Paper Cat – Origami Toy

Cat is one of the cutest animals out in this earth, also it is one of the best pets. Children are very fond of these cute little creatures out there. So, why not create some creative crafts with cats? All we need are some basic stationaries and a bit of creativity with paper folding techniques. Craft making is a very enjoying yet engaging task which also helps us to gain concentration. Today we are going to learn to make a super quirky stand-up cat craft. Let’s get started!

How to make a Stand up Paper Cat

Materials Required:

  1. Color paper of dimension 15*15 cm
  2. A black marker
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Pink paint
  5. A painting-brush


  1. Take a color paper of your choice of dimension 15*15 cm, fold it along both the diagonal and then unfold to develop a crease line.
  2. Make a fold along another diagonal to form a triangular shape, now from the tip make a backward fold to the base of the triangle.
  3. Now fold the vertex of the sides in an inner movement and form triangular folds and then again make a triangular fold again the same line to yield a kite shape.
  4. Now fold the lower vertex in an upward motion to make a triangular fold, rotate the figure and using a pair of scissors make a cut of about 2 cm along the crease line.
  5. Turn the figure and fold the two parts of the cut backwards in triangular folds.
  6. Using a black marker first draw the nose along the crease and then draw the pair of eyes.
  7. Use some pink paint to give blush effects to the checks, allow the pain to dry.
  8. Now using a ruler fold around 1.5 cm from both the sides to form rectangular folds.
  9. Now along the vertical central diagonal fold the figure and secure the fold firmly.

Your cute little stand-up cat is ready!! Lay it down and then with one movement of your figure you can make it stand. Make a couple of them each of various different color, you may use some paint and other decorative to make your craft more attractive. Even kids can try their hands on this craft following our detailed simplifies tutorial and enjoy customizing their own little kitties. What are you waiting for? Go get your hands on this wonderful craft and enjoy.





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