How to Make a Paper Umbrella for This Rainy Season

Monsoon season has all our hearts, after the scorching heat of summer season comes the monsoon to quench all our thirst and give us some pleasant moments and umbrellas are the most important element of these season. Children also gets to enjoy a lot in this season, so why not master some paper folding techniques and learn the art of making attractive colorful umbrellas to enjoy the splashes of this monsoon. SO, lets get our hands on our stationaries and quickly get into creating some amazing umbrellas with our crafty hands.

Let’s get started!

How to Make a Paper Umbrella

Materials Required:

  1. Color paper of dimension 20*20 cm.
  2. Color paper of dimension 15*20 cm
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. A glue stick


  1. Take a paper of dimension 20*20 cm of any color you like, fold the paper diagonally and then unfold to develop the diagonal creases.
  2. Then fold the paper into half once vertically and then horizontally and then unfold to obtain the respective crease lines.
  3. Now push the paper along the crease with your fingers as shown in the form of a kite.
  4. Hold one side of the top flap of the kite and fold it in a triangular shape as shown, repeat the same step with the other side as well as the bottom flap.
  5. Open the triangular folds and along the crease push them inside with your fingers, repeat this with all the triangular folds to yields a perfect closed diamond shape structure.
  6. Fold the open upper flap of the kite in a triangular shape then following the crease as the divides fold half of the base of the triangle into another triangular fold repeat the same with the other side to yield a small kite shape.
  7. Unfold all the folds done on the diamond structure to develop the creases and then using a pair of scissors cut all the excess paper along the shown crease line to generate a four folded stage.
  8. Hold the top flap on the side where the cut is done and fold the corner in a triangular shape then unfold the triangular fold and push the fold inside with your fingers to generate the required shape, repeat the same with the other half and then repeat the same step with all the four layers.
  9. Press the folds firmly with your fingers to secure them.
  10. Open one triangular pointed edge and fold it backwards in the form of a triangle and then fold them along the crease lines repeat the same with all the other eight-pointed edges.
  11. Then pinch the flattened fold created outwards and press it firmly to create the folds of your umbrella.
  12. Take a contrasting color paper of dimension 15*20 cm and start rolling it into a thin pipe form from one corner secure the end with glue stick to form a stick structure.
  13. With the help of a scissors cut the tip of the umbrella to create a hole for the stick to entre, insert the stick and fold the bottom part in a u-shaped structure and cut out the excess paper.

Your umbrella is ready!! Create a couple of them each of various vibrant color, you can also use other decorative such as glitters and stones to make them funkier. You can use them to create a monsoon project or even decorate your scrap book with it and even at times play with them. Create and enjoy yourself making this amazing paper craft.





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