How to Make a Paper Snowman – Christmas Craft

Paper snowman are one of the best crafts, popping, attractive and colorful. The ideal craft to engage kids and grow their interest in craft. Origami is the ancient paper folding technique to create some absolutely amazing craft. All you need is some practice of neatly folding paper and some concentration and some basic stationaries. Today we are going to learn to prepare a paper snowman craft in some simple steps, so without anymore delay let us get our hands on it, let’s get started!

How to Make a Paper Snowman – Christmas Craft

Materials Required:

  1. Two white sheets of paper of dimension 5*30 cm
  2. Color paper
  3. A black marker


  1. Take two sheets of white paper of dimension 5*30 cm, using a glue stick the two tips of the strips of paper and fold them in a cross wise pattern to develop a zig-zag pattern as shown and cut out the extra edges and secure the ends with glue.
  2. Take a color paper draw a circle of radius 6 cm and using a pair of scissors cut it out and fold it into half and then again fold the half circle into a cone shaped structure.
  3. On the arc with the help of a pair of scissors cut out triangles in range and now open the folds.
  4. Using a glue stick paste the zig-zag body on the shaped color paper.
  5. Take another white sheet of paper and draw a circle of diameter 4 cm and a neck and using a pair of scissors cut it out.
  6. Now fold the neck portion, use another piece of color paper draw a cap for the snow man and using a pair of scissors cut it out.
  7. Using a glue paste the cap on the head and then draw a small circle on a white bit of paper and cut it out and paste it at the tip of the cap.
  8. Now take a small piece of orange paper and draw a carrot shape pointed nose for your snowman and then cut it out using a pair of scissors and paste it on the face.
  9. Using a black marker draw the eyes and the mouth of the snowman and paste the neck on the colored paper.

Your cool snowman is ready!!! It is a brilliant popping toy for kids and even they can make their own paper snowman on their own and enjoy. You can make a couple of them and play with them or even exhibit the same in your craft exhibition to grab attention of many. You can even use them to decorate the favorite corner of your room or even your Christmas tree. Additionally, you can use multicolor paper, paints, glitters or any other decorative to make your snowman more attractive.





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