How to Make a Paper Snake – Origami for Kids

These days we youngsters are very much in the prank culture, pranks are funny and enjoyable to a certain limit. In today’s tutorial we are going to learn to make a snake by the paper folding techniques. This is a go to craft which can be utilized in planning a prank and has huge chance of being successful. So, without any further delay lets get started to create some funky snakes which can even show some curvy movements. Excited right!! Let’s begin!!

How to Make a Paper Snake – Origami for Kids

Materials Required:

  1. Color paper of green shade of dimension 15*15 cm.
  2. Red color paper
  3. A black marker
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. A glue stick


  1. Take a paper of dimension 15*15 cm of any shade of green preferably and fold it into half vertically.
  2. Again, fold this rectangle into half vertically and unfold it and make vertical folds on either sides of the vertical crease and unfold them to develop the creases.
  3. Now fold the rectangular paper horizontally and unfold the same to develop the crease, now on fold the side on the bottom of the crease horizontally and then again fold it into another horizontal fold repeat the same with the other side.
  4. Unfold all the horizontal folds, and fold the two corners in triangular fold along the second horizontal fold then along with these triangular folds and unfold them make another horizontal fold.
  5. Turn the figure backwards now fold along the bottom vertical fold and with your finger along the triangular folds spread it in a triangle on the other side repeat the same with the opposite side.
  6. Come down to the rectangular end and fold the corners into triangular folds now with the help of your fingers push the triangular folds inside as shown to make a pointed edge.
  7. Now fold this pointed edge as a triangle and then fold the paper back and forth in rectangular strips to give it the curvy shape.
  8. Fold the edges of the trapezium to give it a box like shape.
  9. Press the back-and-forth folds so that it appears to pop out of the box.
  10. Using a black marker draw the eyes of the snake.
  11. Now cut a thin strip of a red paper and with the help of a scissor shape it like the tongue of a snake now using a glue stick paste it between the triangular fold as shown.

Your crazy snake is ready!! And its absolutely ready to prank someone or even play with it. Moreover, you can even use the same in your craft book as your creation. Following the easy detailed steps even the kids can make this craft and enjoy!





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