How to Make a Paper Snail – Moving Toys for Kids

Art and craft is a very engaging subject also it gives immense pleasure making them. The use of multicolored and textured papers along with simple paper folding techniques make it easy and at the same time interesting. Today we are going to learn to make a very colorful and funky snail, all you need is a bunch of vibrantly colored papers along with some basic stationaries and a bit of patience. So, without any more delay let us get started with our today’s project.

How to Make a Paper Snail – Moving Toys for Kids

Materials Required:

  1. Red color paper of dimension 20*20 cm
  2. Color paper of color orange, yellow, light-green, light-blue, dark-blue, purple respectively.
  3. A black marker
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. A glue stick


  1. Take a red color paper of dimension 20*20 cm then using a big cello tape role or any other equipment with the help of a black marker draw circle and cut it out using a pair of scissors and fold it into half.
  2. Cut out circles of orange, yellow, light-green, light-blue, dark-blue and purple respectively in decreasing radius.
  3. Using a glue paste the circles respectively one after the other from the edge of the arc as shown.
  4. Now paste this collection of circles into the semicircle using a glue-stick.
  5. Now cut out two thin trips of red colored paper in rectangular shape and paste then as the antennas of the snail of the snail.
  6. Take a white sheet of paper, using a stencil and a black marker draw two circle and inside them again draw one circle each.
  7. Draw two more smaller uneven circles inside the second circle and using a black marker color all the other left out portions black.
  8. Using a glue stick the two eyes and draw a simple mouth.

Your colorful quicky paper snail is ready!! You can even experiment with various other colors to make your snail more colorful; you can even use other decorative much as glitters, colorful stones or any other quirky accessories to make it more attractive.  this is one of the easiest paper craft ever and even kids can try on their hands on this one and create their own one. You can use this to decorate your favorite diary or scrap book, or you can even use the same to enhance your project work. What are you waiting for? Go get your hands on this wonderful craft and enjoy.





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