How to Make a Paper Frog – Origami for Kids

Paper crafts always manages to grab the attention of kids and they are always supper excited about them. They are colorful as well as quirky. Today we are going to learn the tricks of folding paper and transform them into little frogs. All you need are some basic stationaries and a bit of patience to follow this tutorial till the end and make your own frog. So without ant further delay let’s get started!

How to Make a Paper Frog – Croaking Frog Paper Toy

Materials Required:

  1. Green paper of dimension 15*15 cm
  2. Red color paper
  3. Eye shaped beads
  4. A glue stick


  1. Take a green color paper of dimension 15*15 cm fold it into half vertically then unfold and again fold it in half this time horizontally and unfold to obtain the creases.
  2. Fold the paper above the horizontal crease into half and then fold the paper below the horizontal crease into half again.
  3. Turn the figure, now fold the sides beside the vertical crease into half to get a square shape.
  4. Now turn the figure and fold back all the corners inner wards towards the center into triangular folds.
  5. Turn the figure and unfold the triangular folds and fold them backwards, now unfold the rectangular folds apply glue and secure the folds.
  6. Now fold the square figure horizontally and unfold to make the crease prominent now with the help of your fingers spread the pocket created and push the fold as shown repeat the same on the other side.
  7. Using the glue stick paste the eye-shaped beads at the edges of the sides.
  8. Using the black marker draw the nose and toes of the frog to provide detailing.
  9. Take a long red thin strip of paper roll it from one edge and using a glue stick paste the other end inside the mouth of the frog.

Your funky frog is ready!! The popping red tongue and the moving creature is an amazing creature. Even kids can perform this easy paper craft following the detailed tutorial. You can even use this to decorate your scrap book or any project. This moving funky frog can also be used by children to play. Paper crafts can also help you to deal with stress and act as a stress reliever. You can even use paints or other fancy decorative such as glitters and stones to enhance your craft.

Paper crafts can always be upgraded and revised and made funkier and more enjoyable. So, today we are going to revise our previous craft where we designed a basic frog with movements. Let us improvise our technique and make a more defined frog. Let us begin our fun roller coaster ride and get our hands into folding paper and create a colorful crazy frog. Paper crafts stand away from all other creativities as it requires the least of materials and gives out the best outcome and also engages people for some time.

Croaking Frog Paper Toy 2.0

Materials Required:

  1. Green paper of dimension 20*20 cm
  2. Red color paper
  3. White paper


  1. Take a green paper of dimension 20*20 cm and fold it vertically unfold it and again make vertical folds on both the sides of the vertical crease and unfold them to get the vertical creases.
  2. Fold the paper horizontally unfold and then again make horizontal folds on both the side of the horizontal crease.
  3. Now fold the two corners into triangular folds inner wards; unfold it and push the triangular folds inside repeat the same with the other two corners.
  4. Now fold the upper two flaps downwards in a triangular fold to form a kite, now fold backwards the two lower corners of the kite backwards in triangular folds.
  5. Open the flap from one side and push it inside along the crease lines, repeat the same on the other side.
  6. Now fold the figure from the middle along the horizontal crease and turn the figure.
  7. Now fold the corners of the flat side into triangular folds to form a kite shape and then unfold to develop crease.
  8. Now unfold the middle fold which was done along the horizontal crease and using a glue stick the flaps as shown.
  9. Now fold back the two lower triangular folds and pull up a bit the upper two flaps.
  10. Using a white sheet of paper and a stencil cut out two medium sized circle and inside them draw two small circles and beside them draw two uneven circles then using a black marker color the remaining parts of the bigger circle.
  11. Cut them out with a pair of scissors and using a glue stick paste them in the elevated flaps.
  12. Using a strip of red paper and a pair of scissors cut the strip in a tongue like shape, fold the end part and roll the front part and paste in using a glue stick.

Your quirky moving frog is ready! You can even use various shades of green paper and create a bunch of these frogs and exhibit them as your creation. Even kids can try on their hands on this craft and they will surely succeed in doing the same following the detailed step by step tutorial. You can further use bright paints and other decorative such as glitters, stones or other quirky stationaries available. Keep on practicing the paper folding technique to master this art and keep on experimenting.






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