How to Make a Paper Fox – Origami for Kids

A lot of animal structure can be created using the ancient art of paper folding also known as origami. This creative technique of paper folding is very useful in creating numerous crafts and thus grow our creative skills. We all know that foxes are referred to as the wittiest animal in the forest, so let us use our stationaries and creative skills to create some exciting paper foxes. Without any more delay let’s start our roller coaster ride through the forest of creativity. Let’s get started.

How to Make a Paper Fox

Materials Required:

  1. Color paper of dimension 20*20cm.
  2. Sketch pens


  1. Take a paper of dimension 20*20 cm of any color of your choice, preferably shades of orange, red or yellow; fold it along one diagonal and then unfold to develop a diagonal crease.
  2. Fold the paper along the other diagonal and form a triangular shape, fold the two vertices along the base of the triangle downwards to form a kite shape.
  3. Fold the kite along the open diagonal into two halves to get a three-layered triangular structure.
  4. From the base of this triangle take two upper layers and fold it in the form of a triangle, hold the second fold, put your finger inside the second fold and spread the fold and secure it by pressing it with your fingers.
  5. Come to the body of the fox hold the pointed end and fold it downwards in a triangular fold so that it coincides with the body and roll this fold to give it a tail like effect.
  6. Use a brown or black color sketch pen to give hairy effects to the ears and tail.
  7. For giving the final touch also draw a nose and a pair of eyes to give detailing effect to the craft.

This is one of the simplest paper craft with the least requirement. Even kids can try their hands on and make their own fox and enjoy. You can make a couple of them of various shades of color to make in shades of red, orange, yellow to make it more relevant. Use them in your project as 3-D figures, you can even use them in your scrap books or to design any part of your room and even engage kids with these wonderful craft. So, what are you waiting for get your hands on this fun craft? And enjoy!





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