How to Make a DIY Night lamp

Today we’re going to make a DIY night lamp. A night lamp is something which is required in every household.

At night, we use the light of the night lamp to read books, study and do important presentations or many more. So, How about making one of them! Fascinating right! By making one of them you have also saved the money of buying it. It will help you to be more creative. This lamp will look so beautiful that you don’t even go to realise that it is paper made. That’s how the craft works! So, without wasting any moments, let’s get started!

How to Make a DIY Night lamp


  • Some sticks 
  • Papers ( any type)
  •  Beautiful glass Bottle
  • Glue water ( mixed equal amount of water and glue in a bowl together to make it)
  • Poster colour ( black)
  • Bottle stand
  • Small lights for decoration.
  • Glue gun
  • White pages. ( Any type)


  • Take a paper and a stick, roll the paper on the stick. The size should be 18c.m.
  • Add glue water on the paper’s side edges and properly secure it.
  • After the stick is ready, pull out the stick from the paper and cut out both parts with scissors.
  • Put black colour on the stick.
  • Following these steps make 18 c.m total eight and 9c.m total four sticks.
  • Take a plastic yarn and tie four 18c.m sticks in a diamond shape.
  • Take three more sticks and tie them with the diamond shape and make a triangle-like shape.
  • Take the other sticks and tie them together following the reference video and make it look beautiful. Give it a lamp shape.
  • Take some white pages, attach them with the lamp structure with a glue gun.
  • You must have made other sticks as well to decorate the lamp’s structure.
  • Attach the sticks with glue water properly.
  • Put light’s wire on the lamp.
  • Take a bottle and put it under the lamp and put a bottle stand on the bottle to secure it.
  • Do the wiring diagram and the settings carefully.
  • Your beautiful lamp will be ready!

How beautiful it is! Put on the lights and look at its shine! Isn’t it amazing! Just with some paper and glue, you can easily make them as you can see the process is so easy and fun. You can use them as presents and decorate your room. Your kids will adore them you should help to make it. Use your creativity and make different designs on the lamp with paper sticks! Kids can also show them to their teachers and school exhibition. Teachers will be amazed. So, without further words grab some papers and let’s make your room shine even more.






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