How to make Beautiful Crochet Heart – Step by step

We have you on the occasion of the feast has prepared instructions for simple crochet heart.

Required Material:

  • 100% mercerized cotton yarn (Camilla, Catania, Limone, Kate, Nello) or mixtures thereof (duck Kája)
  • hook by about 0.5 sizes smaller than it says on the packaging tape – because that heart shape nicely kept and twist thanks to crochet too loosely posts (Limone, Catania 2 mm, 2.5 mm Camilla, Nella, Kaja 3 mm, 3.5 mm Katie – so it proved to me)
  • buttons, beads, ribbons for decorating

Crochet 31 chain-mesh that connect sl st in the ring.

CAUTION – do ok basic crochet chain will so that podebereme two upper thread eye down to us remains only one loop (the picture is good to see).

Crochet 3 wale eye instead of the first long column and in the same eye vháčkujeme have two long columns. We created a half lower tip of hearts. We continue right part of the heart upward.

Into the following six meshes vháčkujeme one long columns.

Here it is easy to see how the two top crochet thread chain-eye to us down there was only one loop. Crochet and so that the chain was not baggy eye.

Now we are going to shape the upper right arc hearts: in the next 6 sts vháčkujeme every two long columns (total of 12).

To shape the upper middle hearts: five consecutive long columns sháčkujeme in one: YO, and needle into the eye, YO, we pull, once more YO and pull on the hook we have two eyes;repeat this five times, we finally had to hook six eyes – one eye from the last completed a long post and five ok sháčkovávaných of long poles.

YO again and pull the yarn all six eyelets on the hook; We sháčkovali five consecutive long posts).

We have half a heart. We had beautifully shaped.

And continues mirrored on the other side of the upper middle: the six following ok vháčkujeme again after two long columns.

In the other six okay after a long post …

and in last st before the initial three lip. sts from beginning to creep series vháčkujeme tip 2 long poles.

Hook and needle into the upper loop of the first column and three řet.ok Crochet fixed eye.

Now, sweetheart Crochet one row of decorative arcs.

4 Chain of the eye into the eye 1 further short column.

3 * Chain eye, one eye skip to the next one eye short column. Repeat from * to end of row.

When we come back down to the tip: the eye, from which the first curl Crochet latest short column …

… Crochet 3 lip. eye and this last curl mechanically fixed sl st in the first of the four lip. ok from the beginning of the series.

To quit and cut approximately 10 cm free end of the yarn threaded through a needle with a large handle. The needle and needle from one face of the same eye to which we docked the last loop of the fixed eye and pull the yarn into the backing.

Here we crocheted fasten under the posts.

After the tie-off Cut the thread close to the heart, so that the end is not visible.

This last bend uháčkovaným addition, if we can form the tip of the beautiful hearts.

View of heart Wooden HOUSE.

If we were careful, Wooden HOUSE heart is as beautiful as Zlíč.

Finished heart does not need to be ironed, thanks to a half smaller hook numbers we achieved that a stronger heart and keeps its shape beautifully.

Nazdobíme it will, imagination and your own taste.

I capitalize otherwise be very difficult usable spade from his last buttonhole shipment and I must say that I find it uniquely crazy: o).

Imagination has no limits, however, everything else is entirely up to you. I can imagine the whole heart sequined or beaded. We can also top center of the heart to stretch a piece of yarn for hanging. That’s entirely up to you.
Hope you like this tutorial.



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