Learn How to Make a Cootie Catcher Shark – Origami for kids

Have you played with these when you were a kid? We did – a lot! But this cootie catcher shark is just a bit more awesome than your regular fortune teller!

Folding paper is an art and origami for kids projects are perfect for beginners!


First you will need to print our template for this cute little creature. Kids will love this one!

Get the template here —> Shark Cootie Catcher

But lets go through the folding instructions first. First fold the paper in half to make a crease. Unfold, and fold again along the other side.

Flip the paper so that the white side is facing you. Fold all 4 corners towards the middle. Flip again, white side forward.

Fold the 4 corners towards the middle again.


Fold in half (the side with teeth will stay inside). Push your fingers into the pockets (square pockets) and push the flaps up to open up the cootie catcher.

When you’ve folded your fiercely adorable shark all there’s left to do is to add the fins. You can also glue together the head and body so that only the shark’s mouth opens.

You Can Watch the Video Tutorial

We think origami instructions are the easiest to follow by watching videos, so we prepared a video for you to see how to make these fierce sea dwellers.

Ready to fold your own?

Source: easypeasyandfun



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