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  • DIY ship using recycled plastic containers

    DIY ship using recycled plastic containers

    As seen in the pictures, I used plastic gallons and recycled dish washing containers for the cabin. I used an electric soldering iron to melt the parts together. Tools used were:¬†Cutter, Razor blades, Ruler, Paint, Electric Soldering Iron. It’s 100% plastic and no glue was Used.

  • Plastic Pumpkin Luminaries

    Plastic Pumpkin Luminaries

    Turn your waste in decorative items this Halloween. Here is nice way to make pumpkin luminaries from soda bottle. Materials: Krylon Fusion for Plastic – Pumpkin (Safety) Krylon Fusion for Plastic – Sunbeam (#2330) Two 2-liter empty plastic soda bottles Con-Tact Paper Scissors Xacto knife Adhesive remover 2 candles Sand Paper towels Newspaper Rubber Gloves…