How to Make Sun from Balloons for a Party Decoration

On the children’s celebration, one of the elements of the festive decor can become a merry sun from balloons. Required Material:

  • a pump,
  • double-sided scotch,
  • colored paper,
  • a 0.5cm packing tape,
  • one SHDM ball # 160,
  • a large yellow ball №35 (1m),
  • a few balls # 9 (23cm) of yellow color. We inflate a big ball and tie it to a knot. We inflate the balls number 9, and by the middle of the ball, we glue a piece of double-sided scotch. Accurately glue ball 9, to the large yellow ball. We fix the rest of the rays. We make a few more rays and glue them to the base. Try to glue the balls more smoothly, so that the sun is neat and all the balls are at the same distance from each other or very side by side. As a result, we get a big yellow sun.But in order for the sun to be cheerful, we make him a face with a huge cheerful smile, which can be made from a half of the ball of ShchDM, or simply painted. And the eyes can be cut out of colored paper and pasted. Take care of the hairstyle as well, it can be made from a packing tape 0,5cm, it can easily be turned into curls with the help of scissors. Attach curls to the pin of the ball, there also attach a meter and a half of fishing line, so that the sun can be hung. That’s all our cheerful sun for the children’s holiday is ready!courtesy: liveinternet