Round Henna Designs – Circle Mehndi Designs for hands

Round patterns give an entirely different look to the hands. These round shaped mehndidesigns are suitable for almost all occasions and the fine detailing on the fingers make these designs traditional and are good options for festivals as well as for bridal mehndi functions. The round shape is popularly known as mandala which is very common in a bridal mehndi design. Round Flower Mehndi Design on the back of the hand is gorgeous.Flowers beginning with a small darkened circle and proceeding to be filled with several petals makes an excellent pattern. A single flower can be made on the palm or more flowers in different sizes in order to make the design larger and more ornamental. The edges are adorned with spirals that complete the look of the petals.

A rather beautiful and simple round mehndi designs which is suitable for any special occasion. This is a traditional design that adds beauty to the hands. The intricate circular pattern on the palm and detailing on the fingers are remarkable. The use of black mehndi makes it more prominent.

This is another simple and interesting design in a round shape giving a modern twist. The pattern is dense, detailed and shines out with blue glitter which highlights the central flowermotif. The detailing is not cluttered but refined to give the design a clear look.