How to Make Rope Coil Doormat

There are many inexpensive ways to make the interior of the original and interesting. If you need an unusual rug does not necessarily run to the store. Stylish rug in country style can be made independently, while spending a minimum of time and money. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a rug out of the rope with your hands.

Required Materials:

  • rope
  • Melt adhesive
  • glue sticks
  • paint brush
  • masking tape
  • paint

Using a hot glue gun, seal the end of the rope so that it doesn’t fray. Leave the glue to cool before starting the next step, or you’re going to get some bad burns!
Begin to braid rope in a spiral. Make a few turns, and then apply the adhesive to the outer surface of the rope. Wrap one more round, he stuck to the previous one. Important : Be careful when working with hot glue, it is heated to a high temperature and may cause burns.

Continue to wind the coils. Does not necessarily apply the adhesive continuously. You can from time to time prokleivat small areas.

As a result of simple manipulations you should have a circle of any size. The size depends on when you decide to stop the build-up coils.

When the circle has reached the desired size, cut the rope, the end of the stick firmly. Apply some glue to the center of the circle, to lock the inner end of the rope.

Make a set of circles of different sizes. Spread workpiece, selecting such an arrangement that, between the circles remaining minimum gaps. Apply hot glue to where the circles touch each other. Mat, in principle, ready. If desired, it can be painted completely or partly. Pick a paint color to your liking. If you want to paint part of the carpet or paint it in several colors, use masking tape to the borders of colored areas are clear. Allow the paint to dry. Mat can lay at the door or bed.

Source: Design Spong