How to Make DIY Pom Pom Flowers of the Thread with Your Hands

Pom Pom Flowers of the thread with your hands the perfect solution for small compositions, which can be decorated with any interior

Especially because it is not difficult to do, especially if you take advantage of the advice of ours.

So, you should prepare the appropriate color woolen thread, scissors, a piece of cardboard, as well as branches of plants for decoration.

Formation of flower begins with a winding yarn on cardboard. Please note that from the board size will depend on the size of the flower. To bud was complete enough, to the wind should be a considerable number of threads. Then all the turns of the thread must be removed from the board and to pull tight on the center as shown in the photo.When the knot is tied in the center well, you can begin to form buds. To that end, a thread can be cut with scissors. We get cut on either side of the central thread overtighten. To select the appropriate stem sticks. Is placed on them produced flower buds. It remains only to supplement their composition and our decor is ready.

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