How to Make Pencil Holder from Jar

We decided to make a pencil with our own hands because we must store stationary somewhere.

First, there was a baby food bank, PVA glue, and a paper packing cord.

She smeared the jar with glue and wrapped it around the string. For bordering weaved a pigtail, and for the upper edge – a spiral in the technique of macrame. If someone is not familiar with this technique, you can see more in this video: To decorate in the course went beads, shells and the same thread, tinted gouache. Pigtails and ornaments glued already on the glue “Moment”. The pencil is ready.

Later this paper cord was useful to me for weaving baskets under eggs for Easter and for decorating the photo frame. It was quite fertile material, and cheap at the same time


courtesy: podelki-doma


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