How to Make Origami Paper Stars – Step by Step

Origami is a secular Japanese paper folding technique, being used to create several different forms. In addition, it is possible to create mobiles and other decorating pieces using the origami technique. Check out our tutorial how to make paper stars step by step. Step by Step How to Make Origami Paper Star

Required Materials:

Ruler.Begin by cutting a large strip of paper, measuring approximately 27 cm (measured from a legal paper).  Then make a kind of knot at one end of this strip, thus making the base of the star. Press the knot securely to mark the paper.  Cut the remaining edge (from the smaller side of the knot) to begin forming the origami star. Go rolling the paper and creasing the folds of the pentagon, as the origami creates a five-sided geometric shape. At each turn you will cover a different part of the initial base.  When the strip is finished, the paper should be “chubby” and ready to be finished. Push the end of the end into a flap of paper. To give the star shape, use a ruler.

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