How to Make OREO Vending Machine Out of Cardboard

How to make OREO Vending Machine out of Cardboard Easy DIY at HOME for KIDS Step by step image tutorial + video.

Different Dimensions of Cardboard Are Mentioned That Will Used to Make Our Machine.

Take One 10 by 15 Cm Cardboard and Cut As Per the Given Dimension.

Make a Box With the Cut Out Side at the Front.

Put a Cardboard to Give a Slope for the Oreo to Slide Down From the Slot in the Front.

Take a 9.5 by 10 Cm Cardboard and Cut It in Given Dimension.

Stick That Cut Out on to the Box a Little Bit Inside to Align to the Upper Slot.

Stick the Cardboard to Make a Square Shape Tower to Keep the Oreo.

Place the Slider Between Two Cardboard.

And Stick Other Cardboard of the Tower by Providing the Gap for the Slider.

Complete the Filling Tower by Providing Gap at the Bottom to Thickness of One Oreo Biscuit So That It Can Pass Through the Tower From the Gap Below and Then Slide Down the Slope Out of the Slot for Us to Eat.

Cover the Top Front Portion to Hide the Slider.

Cover the Back Top Portion to Hide All Cardboard Arrangements Under It.

Stick a Bottle Cap in Front of the Slider So As to Hold and Use It for Sliding.

Fill the Tower With Oreo Biscuits and Slide the Slider Inward and Outward to Give Out 1 OREO Biscuit at a Time.

And DONE !!! Enjoy Eating the Oreo and If You Want to Try Making It Yourself.

Watch Full video tutorial here:

Hope you like this step by step OREO Vending Machine.


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