Monsoon or rainy season has just knocked the door. This season has always been very close to the heart of poet, farmer, kid and to us ladies! This season is the life-force of India’s ornate culture! Today we share ideas to color your kitty with monsoon theme.


Monsoon theme is not restricted to any particular theme, you can follow as many theme based on monsoon as you can. Few of them given here:

Rainbow Theme: Where make your ambiance full of 7 rainbow colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Right from your invite,food,dress,decoration,makeup will be colored by rainbow colors.

Umbrella and rain drop Theme: Imagining monsoon without umbrella is impossible. Make a umbrella invite, Decorate your hall with umbrella and rain drops dangle all over place. Decorate your food with umbrella and rain drops. Wear umbrella as your dress code!

Cloud Theme: You can also have clod theme party. you can make clod shape invites, you can have cloud and rain drops paper cut on your wall and entrance.

Hope you like these ideas.

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