There are some guidelines that we want you to follow while interacting at K4craft community. If you have any doubt regarding some guidelines, feel free to write to us at

GeneralĀ Guidelines

  • Please fill all details in your profile so that other people can know about you and confirm your identity.
  • You are not supposed to spam or harass any other member of this community. We cannot tolerate any such incident. We may have to cancel your membership if we find any such proved case.

Content Sharing Guidelines

  • Write proper title, tags and choose appropriate category while writing your project.
  • Please ensure that the content you are sharing is appropriate for children. We don’t publish any adult content.
  • Please don’t republish content already available at K4craft community. If you do some value addition, you are free to publish.

Copyright Guidelines

  • You need to ensure that the content you are sharing is either your own or you have permission to share the content at K4craft community.
  • You are free to write in any language provide title for your project in English.