How to make a paper bird

  • How to make a paper bird

  • Prachi Sharma

    November 8, 2021 at 4:43 pm

    A bird is a beautiful creature with beautiful feathers. Birds are categorized as the biological class as Aves.

    Today I will make you learn ‘How to make a Paper Bird?’ With paper crafts and we will surely enjoy learning it.

    Come let us learn it step wise so that we can have fun with crafts.

    Here we go for a beautiful creation….

    How to make a paper bird

    Step: 1 – Get a square piece of paper.

    Step: 2 – Fold a large X into the paper.

    Step: 3 – Turn the paper over.

    Step: 4 – Fold a large plus into the paper.

    Step: 5 – Bring all of the corners in toward the centre.

    Step: 6 – Flatten the paper into a square.

    Step: 7 – Fold the top edges of the diamond inwards toward the centre line.

    Step: 8 – Gently unfold all the folds you made in previous step.

    Step: 9 – Pull up the bottom corner of the diamond, opening it up.

    Step: 10 – Hold your new diamond shape with the split end up and fold each of the top points so that they point downward and outward to the sides.

    Step: 11 – Fold the remaining layers of the kite downwards from its front and back.

    Step: 12 – Take one of the side points formed in step 10 and pinch the tip to form the head.

    Step: 13 – Round the wings.

    Step: 14 – Make your bird flap.

    Hope you have liked my today’s tutorial.

    It was easy to learn how to make paper bird and play with them and also enjoy learning handcrafts.

    Now-a-days, it is really important to do something which is to be done with passion. Handcrafts are important as it makes a person creative. It promotes the talent.

    We should spend at least 30 minutes of our day learning crafting. It will grow our interests in many new things.

    Stay tuned for next tutorial…. Till then stay safe, stay healthy and learn more…

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