What is K4craft?

K4craft is online provider of art n crafts tutorial. K4craft follows a holistic approach to nurture talent and teach everything related to crafts including simple decorations, jewellery, knitting, embroidery, paper crafts, quelling, ceramics in addition to fundamental tutorials for beginners.

What is K4craft Community? What purpose does it serve?

K4craft community is meeting point of people with common interest in art & crafts. Here, we share and discuss craft ideas, learn from tutorials, discover and create. We also make friends, join groups of our interest and celebrate each new creation.

How can we join K4craft Community?

You just need to register with us. After successful registration, you can read, create and share content related to art n crafts.

Is there any membership fee?

No, there is no membership fee. It’s absolutely free.

Members & Accounts

I’ve forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

Click the forgotten password link  found in the login form at our website. Here you will be able to enter your email address or username and an email will be sent with instructions for resetting your password.

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to have your account removed, go to settings in your profile and click on “delete account”.¬†Note: please be absolutely positive before making a request as these changes cannot be undone.

Content Publishing

What kind of post, I can publish in K4craft community?

You are free to publish any kind of content related to art n craft. The categories listed at our website can help you in this matter. There are several ways to post content.

  • Create Open List: If you want to create a list of craft ideas or projects where any member can list their item, you can make open list. You can post any number of item in the open list.
  • Submit story: If you want to publish something like a tutorial, this format is best for you as you have complete liberty to use the mix of text and images or other type of media.
  • Upload Image: If you want to post only one image, it is perfect.
  • Upload Gallery: If you want to make gallery of multiple image, use this type of post.
  • Embed Content: If you just want to embed content from Youtube, Twitter or Instagram, you are free to do so in this type of post.

How do I remove a project that is already published?

Members cannot delete projects after they have published them on to the site, so please be sure you want to share your project before clicking the Publish button. Removing projects can break other parts of the site, especially if they have received comments or favorites. In cases of emergency, please send us a message at contact@k4craft.com and we’ll have our webdesigner remove the project manually.

Why is my project not being approved on to the site?

First of all, make sure you click the Publish button so that it can be queued for approval. We approve all of our projects manually, so please be patient and allow up to 24 hours for one of our moderators to publish your project. Usually this happens every couple of hours but occasionally it will take longer. If your project is being unapproved by our admin, then there will be some reason for why it cannot be approved. Make sure your project meets with the acquired Guidelines.