DIY Cup Holders Decorated With Pompom

Beautiful Cup Holders Decorated With Pompom:

There are some things in the crafts that we fall in love with forever: pendants and pompoms are some of these items. The pompom was wearing many famous brands, it was used in the design of handbags and shoes, not to mention the women’s accessories.

And pompom has an astral to go from winter to summer without losing the charm. Thinking about the coming spring weather, I’ve prepared this set of pompom-decorated coasters for you to sew and decorate your home.

When the new station arrives, your table will look beautiful with a very colorful fabric and with the unique touch of the pom-pom.

And of course, here in the Village I only use Hak Aviamentos and these of this year’s collection are perfect for this type of application, in barred and borders. Here’s the Hak link for you to check out the entire line:

Now that you already know the whole line, will we learn how to apply in this cup holder?

You do not need a lot of stuff: printed tricoline fabric, pompom string, plus thread, scissors, needle and silicone glue to finish. The pompom I used is the Pom / 06 in a tone of pastel pink.

For each cup holder cut two squares of fabric with 10cm the of side.

Position the pompom cord as in the picture, facing into the square, and sew near the edge or with one machine foot. Rewind at the beginning and end of the side. At the end of the side, pull back and remove the fabric from the machine. Turn the cord and adjust with the side of the square. Go back to the machine and sew again, backward at the beginning and at the end. Repeat for all sides. At the end of the last side, go back and cut the cord leaving only a left over to adjust the seam afterward. Let’s make a sandwich with the sewn fabric and the other half cut already. Position it with your right and carefully place the pompom on the inside of the edge. Volte para a máquina, alinhe direitinho e costure o sanduíche com cuidado para não costurar nenhum dos pompom. Vá devagar, observando se estão todos para dentro. Costure toda a borda deixando uns 5cm de abertura para desvirar. Stick to all the tips to make a good turn. Turn the sandwich down slowly and at the end pull each pompom tightly so that it is tightly stretched. To be very cute, let’s make a stitch using a decorative stitch. To close on the whim, squeeze the glue in the pompom at the beginning and join it to the end of the string. If you notice, you can cut the excess and paste in a way that will not even notice.

Now play your game and get ready for a festive and colorful table at the entrance of spring. That’s cool.

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courtesy: viladoartesao

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