How to Make Crochet Pattern Phone Case

Required Material:

Yarn of medium thickness of pink and light green color;
Hook No. 1;
Satin ribbon 0.5 cm wide;
Needle with thread;
We type on the hook of pink yarn 10 air loops. Note that the number of loops depends on the width of your phone.

The first row is knitted with columns without a crochet, and the loops knit on both sides of the chain. When passing from one side of the chain to the other, we sew in the last loop 3 columns without a crochet to smoothly pass to the other side. We end the series with a connecting loop. Next, we’ll knit a pattern. To do this, we collect 3 air loops for lifting, and then in the same loop, we sew three more columns with a crochet with one top (lush column). To make a splendid column, we make a crochet, then insert the hook into the loop of the previous row, stretch the thread, and then pull the thread through the first two loops. Then we again make a cap and repeat the action. And so we type on the hook 4 “incomplete” column.
Now grab the thread and stretch it through all these loops. The next splendid column is done in exactly the same way as the first one, but we only type on the hook not three incomplete columns, but four, since in the first column the role of one of the posts was played by 3 air loops. We knit the remaining stitches similarly to the end of the row on both sides of the chain. When knitting the next rows on the sides, we do not add the number of lush columns, so that the cover fits snugly against the phone. We knit lush sticks until the knitting height reaches the height of the phone. Now we attach green yarn to the edge and we sew one row of columns without a crochet. The second row is knitted according to the following scheme: 5 air loops (3 for lifting and 2 for the pattern), 1 bar with a crochet for the second from the hook loop, 2 air loops, 1 column with a crochet for the second from the hook loop. We alternate the columns with the crochet and 2 air loops to the end of the row. Make sure that you get an even number of “squares”. The next row is knitted like this: 4 air loops, 1 column without a crochet in a loop through the two “squares” of the previous row, again 4 air loops and 1 column without a crochet through two “squares”. We make such “arches” to the end of the series. The fourth row is knitted according to this scheme: 1 column without a crochet in the first “arch”, 5 columns with a crochet in the same arch, 1 column without a crochet in the same arch. And then we make 1 connecting loop at the point between the two arches. We trace the pattern to the end of the row. To connect the leaves, we collect 13 air loops, and then we knit the first side of the leaf as follows: 1 connecting column, 2 stitches without a crochet, 2 stitches with one cuff, 3 stitches with two crochets, 2 stitches, 2 stitches without crochet, 1 stitching column. Then go to the opposite side of the chain and in the same way, we knit the other side. To make the transition smooth, at the end of the chain we knit 3 columns without a crochet in one loop. We bind the sheet with two rows of columns without a crochet, making additions on the bends. Then, without tearing the thread, we sew a chain of 13 air loops and we also knit the second sheet. Through the “squares” in the upper part of the cover, we pass the satin ribbon. We sew the leaves to the front. The cover for the phone “Malinka” is ready.

courtesy: podelki-doma