8 Most Creative Coconut Shell Crafts!

A coconut tree has multiple uses. Hats, mats, baskets, wall hanging, rugs, toys etc are manufactured from various parts of this tree. But, it is the shell of a coconut that is most commonly used in the art and craft world. Bowls, cups, spoons, coasters, bas, belts are formed out of the hard shell of coconut by the skilled hands of the artisans. see below creative coconut shell crafts!

Coconut shell Pen Stand With Tree Design

DIY Coconut Shell Jewelry Box

Coconut Shell Plant Pot

Coconut Shell Candle Holder

Attractive Coconut Shell Ceiling Lights Decor

Cute and Attractive Coconut Shell Tortoise

Coconut shell Night Lamp with Pen Stand

This is a night lamp with pen stand and the interesting plus astonishing part is the power supply of the bulb is provided by Nokia small pin charger.

Coconut shell Night Lamp using LED Bulb

Hope you like these Coocnut shell craft ideas!

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