Children’s Day Contest

This Contest is open to all who  likes to work with kids. You can create a piece of craft of your choice and post in community under the category “Children’s Day Contest”.

Deadline: 14th November

Entries Children’s Day Contest

In this contest, you need to submit picture of your craft with you and winner will be decided by open voting for the entries.

If you have any query about the contest, please message us at our facebook page or mail us at

  • FIRST PRIZE: Gift Vouchers or Paytm Money Worth Rs. 1000
  • Goodies from K4craft for Next Nine.

Submission Procedure:

  1. Go to and register with our Craft community.
  2. Upload picture of your craft with you at our community (choose “Children’s Day Contest” category for your submission).


  • This contest is open for residents of India.
  • Anyone can participate irrespective of gender, age and profession.

Criteria for Winner

  1. After your submission, we will send your entry to our Review Board. We will accept your entry only after approval of the Review Board (Only Selected entries would be get chance to enter in the contest). You will be notified within 24 hours about the status of review after your submission.
  2. After approval of our Review Board, we will make your entry public at our website 01:00 IST 15th November 2017.
  3. Winner will be decided solely on the basis of number of votes on the entry i.e. Entry with highest number of votes will be winner of the contest.
  4. The deadline for receipt of entries for the contest shall be 23:59 IST on 14th November 2017.
  5. We will consider total number of votes made till 23:59 IST 20th November 2017.