How to Make Brooch And Applique Felt “Tulip”

Today we will sew the brooch and applique on a linen cloth in the form of favourite colours.

Tulips, tulips, and tulips again!

Brooch and application “Tulip”. One flower and two applications.

Below is a master class in detail in pictures:

Materials and tools: felt 3 mm several colours, felt mm thick, thread, needles, scissors, pin for brooches, linen rag.

Cut out the template, flower height 4.5 cm, width 4 cm. The cut of the parts made of feeling. Sews cut parts to brown felt, as shown in the picture, not the edge When sewing. Cropped brown felt along the contour. Cut thick felt, which will serve as the basis for the brooch. We sew the pin for brooches and flower itself to the base. Here’s a turned-tulip brooch. Colours themselves flowers and leaves can be varied, even monochrome.Getting applications, cut out three florets on the same pattern, the average flower only does stem, without leaves. Fasten with pins on the fabric.

Sew a thread colour all tulips, I took neutrality sand.

Then applique can be used for pretty beautician, or leave as panels on the hoop.

We enjoy the result.



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