How to Make Box of wooden skewers

Box of wooden skewers with your own hands

The basis were the product containers skewers of two types: for a large box – 3.5 mm in diameter and small diameter 2mm From a blank sheet of cardboard carve out that with the help of polyethylene film food, napkins and iron made decorative.
Fix on the basis of a strip of paper and glue Moment Crystal.  I papered with white glue, and very sorry about this, cardboard, procurement led, it had a long time to rectify. Next use only a moment. Glue gun seldom, but many people like them to work. Here’s what happened Noted the middle and bottom of it with respect to the beginning of the glue skewers, biting their side cutters shaped similarly made the cover and papered skewers processed edge needle files, two times covered with lacquer.
Decorated with lace and flowers of own production of baked Fimo polymer plastic.
Flowers for a small box covered glassy polish and rose to the big box left as it is.