How to Create an Autumn Wreath Without Fulling

Create an Autumn Wreath Without Fulling:

Wonderful line of the great poet Alexander Pushkin. I love the golden-red and scarlet autumn.

Here and decided to capture it in a warm.Tak like felting is a long and complicated process for me, I decided it .Gets to work, you need a good mood! Come on out, enjoy the beautiful autumn nature, rays of the sun and do not forget to collect leaves.

Here is our beautiful bouquet is assembled, you can now and get to work.

need for wreaths:

1. oak leaves, maple, viburnum.

2. Felt Sheet – 1mm several shades of fallen leaves (yellow, ocher, orange, red, brick red, brown, olive).

3. Scissors.

4. Threads, sewing pins.

5. Wire the green – a diameter of 1 mm.

6. Brush tough for toning.

7. Acrylic paint dark brown and maroon.

8. Contour paint the gold, copper and dark brown.

9. Wool Felting bright red color.

10. Hank thick coat of dark green color.

11. Marker.

12. Cutters.

13. The sewing machine with the line “zig-zag”. Who does not have – you can sew by hand.

14. The sheet of cardboard – 40 * 40 cm.

15. Glue “Titan” transparent.

We start our work on the autumn wreath. First, make a pattern of leaves – leaf draw out on paper and cut out. Then putting a template to felt, draw out a marker several pieces and cut. Then draw a circle with a diameter of 38 cm on a cardboard sheet (mine is from a corrugated cardboard box). And inside it draws a circle of smaller diameter (28 cm). Cut. We spread our leaf of the circle, and if they are not enough, cut more additional elements. While our leaves to get a flat and not interesting. Now we will work on the shape of the leaves. Cut the wire using wire cutters -15-18 cm. Fold the leaf in half, smooth hands. Then insert the wire in the middle of the leaf and felt shear pins. Fix a wire zigzag stitch on the sewing machine. Now we can bend our leaves in any direction. The next step in our work – toning. With a brush and acrylic paint sets off the edge of the leaves.Draw the outline with paint streaks. Lay off the leaves aside. We decorate our circle. Take a skein of thread and wrapped with a cardboard blank. We put the leaves. Subsequently, we will fix them, poking at the skin. The tip of the wire to lubricate the glue to our leaves are fallen down. Getting the production of berries. Wool Felting rolls down between palms balls.

Cut the wire into pieces of 4-5 cm. With one end Fold the wire and glue to the berries. Berries on the leg gather in clusters. Then make up the composition of the leaves and berry clusters on the disk. If you are satisfied with our composition.

Here’s what I got:

Now is a good bright autumnal mood I provided. I wanted to share it!

Thank you all for your attention. I hope that this workshop will be useful to someone, and colorful wreath and lift your mood.